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The current thesaurus contains the concepts related the following schemes: platforms, instruments and earth topics.




Wednesday, May 5, 2021 00:00:00


Copyright 2018-2021 European Space Agency.


2018/10/10 - Sentinel-5P skos:notation added. Skos:definition for Sentinel missions added.
2018/10/16 - Proba-V entry corrected.
2019/03/01 - Entries GCOM-W1 and TRMM added,
2019/03/05 - Entries biros, firebird tet-1 added
2019/03/11 - Add entries alos-2, dmsp and narrowers, gpm, joint-polar-satellite-system-jpss, megha-tropiques
2019/05/13 - Update for JCCB-CP-494
2019/11/15 - updated due to JCCB-CP-506. IRS-P5, IRS-P6, IRS-R2, ResourceSat-2, Proba-V, Proba-1, Pleiades, BilSat-1, CryoSat(-2), PlanetScope, DMC, UK-DMC, UK-DMC-1, DM2 updated.
2019/12/23 - updated for CEOS: add ISS for DLR, add missions for ECV, CCI. Move root one level up to include other missions than Earth Observation: Solar/Space Observation Satellites, Space stations/Manned Craft
2020/03/03 - add platforms new JAXA collections: GCOM-C1
2020/09/23 - Add GOSAT-2, GHGSat, GHGSat-D, GHGSat-C1, GHGSat-C2, JPSS-2, JPSS-3, JPSS-4,PAZ, WorldView4
2020/09/23 - Add for CEOS: CALIPSO, CFOSAT, CHAMP, CloudSat, CORIOLIS, FY-3A, FY-3B, GCOM, GCOM-C1, GMS, GMS-1..5, GOES, GOES-1..15
2020/09/23 - Add for CEOS: Earth Observation Satellite, Space Station/Manned Spacecraft, Solar/Space Observation Satellite, Earth Observing System, ISS, NASA Earth System Science Pathfinder, AEM,AEM-1, AEM-2, AEM-3
2020/09/23 - Add for CEOS: Jason-2, MTSAT-1R, MTSAT-2, NOAA-20, Nimbus-4, SARAL, Sentinel-3A, Sentinel-3B, SMS, SMS-1, SMS-2, SORCE, TIROS, TIROS-N, TOPEX/POSEIDON, UARS
2020/10/07 - Rename "NOA" prefLabel to "NOAA POES"
2020/11/17 - Add MTSAT broader concept of MSAT-1R, MTSAT-2.
2021/04/20 - Add concept FSSCat , GEO-KOMPSAT-2B , GRACE-FO , COSMO-SkyMed Second Generation , ADEOS-I , ADEOS-II
2021/04/20 - Update gcmd base URI from to


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